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ASH 2014 Multiple Myeloma Update – Day One: Poster Session

Saturday was the official first day of the 2014 American Society of Hema­tology (ASH) annual meeting. The day featured a wide range of interesting pre­sen­ta­tions about multiple myeloma.

Oral presentations about new treatments under development were given mid-day and were summarized in a Beacon ASH Daily Update published yesterday morning.

During Saturday evening, a poster session took place where important new research findings were summarized in posters displayed throughout two separate large conference halls.

The studies covered a variety of myeloma-related topics, ranging from new treatments being developed for myeloma, …

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ASCO 2014 Multiple Myeloma Update – Day One

This year’s American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting began yester­day morning in Chicago and will run through Tuesday.

Myeloma-related presentations were made during two sessions yes­ter­day.

One session was designed to better educate physicians about per­son­al­ized therapy for elderly patients with lymphoid malignancies. During that session, Dr. Tanya Marya Wildes from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis talked about how to navigate treatment options for older multiple myeloma patients.

The key myeloma-related research presented yesterday was made public during a poster session in the afternoon …

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Latest Myeloma Research To Be Presented At The American Society Of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting (ASCO 2014)

The American Society of Clinical Oncology will hold its 50th annual meet­ing May 30 through June 3 in Chicago.

Similar to previous years, more than 25,000 physicians and researchers from all over the world are expected to attend the five-day meeting to dis­cuss the current research in cancer treatment and care.

During the meeting, there will be presentations about all areas of cancer, in­clud­ing many focused specifically on multiple myeloma. The ASCO website currently lists information about more than 60 myeloma-related studies (included under either the "multiple myeloma" or "

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ASH 2013 Preview: Treatments In Early-Phase Clinical Development For Multiple Myeloma

This article is the second in The Beacon’s ‘preview’ series about mye­lo­ma re­search that will be pre­sented at the American Society of Hema­tol­o­gy (ASH) meet­ing in early December.

Abstracts for the ASH presentations are now available; these abstracts contain pre­lim­i­nary data, and updated data will be presented at the meet­ing.

The Beacon's ASH preview articles, which will be published over the next couple of weeks, will highlight the most interesting myeloma-related studies that will be presented at the meeting.

The first preview, which was …

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ASCO 2013 Multiple Myeloma Update – Day Three: Poster Presentations

This year’s American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting, which is being held in Chicago, began on Friday and goes through Tuesday.

Sunday started with a poster session in which important new research findings were summarized on posters displayed throughout a large conference hall.

The studies presented during the session were on a wide variety of myeloma-related topics, including new treatments being developed for myeloma, currently used regimens, smoldering multiple myeloma, and findings on initial therapy.

Some of the posters included preliminary results from ongoing clinical trials.  Others described …

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