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[ by | Sep 11, 2014 1:37 pm | 16 Comments ]
Pat’s Place: Give Radiation Therapy A Chance

I relapsed six or seven months ago. That fact was made painfully clear when I broke a rib getting into my wife’s car; several new lesions had weakened the ribs on my right side.

I assumed the acute pain was caused by the fracture. While I’m sure the break contributed to my discomfort, it turns out that one of the lesions was pressing on a nerve that runs along the underside of my rib cage. My medical oncologist immediately consulted with my radiation oncologist. I started radiation therapy the next day.

My pain …

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Myeloma In Paradise: Diagnosis Is Its Own Disease

The day you find out you have multiple myeloma is obvi­ous­ly one of the hardest days in your life.

It is a very personal experience, but I’m sure you can remember your feel­ings of shock, fear, disbelief, or anger when you were told that you have multiple my­e­lo­ma. Some of you may have felt relief that you have put a face on the mystery.

What follows that day can have a profound im­pact on the rest of our lives. I want to share my experi­ence with the newly …

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Northern Lights: Hiking In The Rockies

A few weeks ago, a letter arrived in the mail from the Provincial Motor Vehicles Department. I was puzzled, since my driver’s license doesn’t expire until 2017. The letter contained a notice about renewing my ‘handicapped’ parking pass. My husband Dilip had gotten the pass for us after the catastrophic events five years ago, when I had back injuries so severe I could barely walk for even a short distance.

I don’t use that pass anymore. To be honest, I had completely forgotten about it. So, when the letter …

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Sean’s Burgundy Thread: Positively Charged

I don’t get headaches very often, but the one I was nurs­ing while curled up in a chair in the waiting room of the bone mar­row clinic was a doozy. I pulled my favorite St. Louis Cardinals baseball cap down over my eyes to shutter out the bright overhead lights.

Normally I enjoy the friendly ‘Who’s your doctor?’ and ‘Where’re y’all from?’ back-and-forth banter often heard in such gathering places, but until it was my turn up at bat in the bone marrow suite, I opted to tune out from …

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Myeloma, Party Of Two: 13 Hours, 16 minutes, And 45 Seconds

It’s a Tuesday evening, and I have the house all to myself.  I sit at my desk, with a generous pour of red wine, and Sara MacLachlan softly singing through the speakers. My hands are poised upon the keyboard, and I’m ready to type this month’s column.

Despite the inspiring ambience, my mind resists the usual flow of words.  I want to write something inspiring and uplifting.  But in my mind’s eye, I see numbers where the words should be.  They are large, pulsating, dig­i­tal white numbers in a dark …

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