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Myeloma Lessons: Why Is Hair So Important?

So why is hair so important? This may seem like an odd question to ask. As you will see, it is an especially unusual question for me to ask.

My hair has always been a very important part of my life.

As a child, when the relatives would gather and the family photos would come out, my mom would  always pass around one of me as a three-year-old standing on the beach with a full head of dark curly hair. “Oohs and ahs” were sure to follow.

As a teenager, …

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Myeloma Mom: Just Keep Swimming

The other day, I realized I share a common bond with my daughter’s pet fish: We’re both survivors.

Maybe I’m getting too attached to this fish. Maybe I’m overthinking things. Just hear me out.

Statistically, betta fish who come to live in our home have an extremely low survival rate.

When a fish learns he is going to live in the Crowley house, it is grim news indeed. It is essentially a death sentence. The fish is stunned. He begins to get his affairs in order. He has a brave …

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Mohr’s Myeloma Musings: Inspiration From Within My Family

One thing that has enabled me to maintain a positive attitude while battling multiple myeloma is the realization that, no matter how difficult things become for me, there are others who are fighting far tougher battles than I am. I am in­spired by their courage and resiliency.

Little did I know that I would get that inspiration from my immediate and extended family. I was reminded of this when a large post card arrived in the mail the other day.

Half of one side of the card showed a picture …

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Letters From Cancerland: On Being Mortal

This month marks ten years since my initial diagnosis of multiple myeloma. The more days, months, and years between then and now, the farther out I am on the branch of mortality. As I told my friend Larry, who was diagnosed with myeloma 13 years ago, we’re both at the point we can hear that branch creaking and threatening to crack.

What an excellent time to read Atul Gawande’s new book, Being Mortal.

Being Mortal is getting a lot of favorable attention, and for good reason. Gawande, a surgeon and …

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Northern Lights: Rip Currents

As you may remember from my July column, I celebrated my five-year myeloma survival this summer.

I was particularly happy that I have not received any treatment since April 2011. Instead, I have comprehensive blood testing done and see my doctor every three months.

Unfortunately, the ‘watch and wait’ phase that I had been in since April 2011 is now over.

At the beginning of October, my blood test results showed that my M-spike had increased to 1 g/dL (10 g/L), and the serum free light chain ratio was …

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