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Array BioPharma Initiates Sponsorship Of The Myeloma Beacon

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Published: Jun 4, 2014 1:45 pm

Array Biopharma, the company developing filanesib (ARRY-520) as a potential new treatment for multiple myeloma, today became the Myeloma Beacon’s first pharma­ceutical industry sponsor.

Array’s sponsorship will help The Beacon continue expanding the news, sup­port, and community it provides myeloma patients, caregivers, and health care pro­fes­sionals across the globe.

“It is both exciting and appropriate that Array is the Beacon’s first pharmaceutical industry sponsor,” noted the Beacon’s publisher, Boris Simkovich.  “Exciting, be­cause Array’s support will help The Beacon broaden the ways it serves the myeloma community. Appropriate, be­cause Array – like The Beacon – is an innovative organization.  Array’s investigational myeloma therapy, filanesib, is in an entirely new class of therapies different from existing myeloma treatments.”

“We are pleased to take the lead in our industry in supporting the important contributions The Myeloma Beacon is making to the myeloma community,” said Array’s chief executive officer, Ron Squarer.  “We also look forward to developing filanesib as a potential new therapeutic option for my­e­lo­ma patients, one that has shown substantial activity as a single agent and in combination with existing ther­a­pies.”

Filanesib belongs to a new class of drugs known as kinesin spindle protein (KSP) inhibitors, which work against myeloma and other types of cancer by disrupting cell division.  Filanesib is being tested in two on­going Phase 1 and two ongoing Phase 2 multiple myeloma clinical trials. A Phase 3 trial of the drug in combination with Kyprolis (carfilzomib) is expected to start this year.

The Beacon recognizes the support of sponsors such as Array by including their logos on the pages of the Beacon website.  In addition, sponsor names are listed in the email news alerts the Beacon sends its news alert subscribers.

Beacon sponsors do not play any role, however, in the Beacon’s editorial process.  All decisions regarding content published by The Beacon and its contributors are made by the Beacon’s editorial board, and edi­tor­i­al independence is considered a key part of the Beacon’s mission “to improve the treatment, care, and sup­port available to current and future multiple myeloma patients worldwide.”

The Beacon’s editorial independence is further ensured by the fact that its sponsorships are non-exclusive.  While Array is the Beacon’s first pharmaceutical industry sponsor, its support does not preclude other com­panies from becoming sponsors as well.

A complete, regularly updated list of all companies and other organizations that financially support the Beacon’s activities on behalf of the myeloma community can be viewed at the Beacon’s sponsors page.

Additional information about filanesib clinical trials in myeloma can be found at clinicaltrials.gov and at the filanesib information page at Array's website.

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  • R said:

    do we get t-shirts...and how good is their softball team ? LOL!

    Team names ---"Beacons Array " ? "Mono-Clonal Twins" ? "Plasma(cytoma) FISH" ? " Velkade Raptors" ? " Dos Related Tumors" ? or the " Extra-Durals", etc ...

    Hope this sponsorship helps you folks at "th'Beacon" do what you wish.

    Seriously, thank them much, and we'll keep reading-- win or lose!

    Keep cranking out the articles. They are appreciated.


  • Nancy Shamanna said:

    I think that's great that you are getting more financial support at the Beacon, from your newest sponsor, and also of course from your long time sponsors! Many patients and caregivers rely on the Beacon for online support, and I think it is a window on the wider world of myeloma research, and treatments, for many of us. Thanks for all the good work you do for the Myeloma Community, Beacon Staff!