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Nick's Myeloma Blog

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Published: Aug 11, 2009 1:24 pm
Nick's Myeloma Blog

Nick Van Dyk, the 41-year old guitarist for the progressive metal band Redemption, maintains a personal blog to track the progress of his multiple myeloma. Diagnosed in late 2008, Nick updates his blog several times a week with updates on his condition. Most of Nick’s entries recount appointments with his doctor and his experience with two autologous stem cell transplants.



  • Boris Simkovich said:

    Nick has written up a long, but very informative, summary of his battle with myeloma called "How I Spent My Summer Vacation." It has some great insights into what multiple myeloma is, what the different treatment options are, and what actually happens when you start treatment for the disease. Highly recommended.

  • tami bateman said:

    I just discovered Nick's blog and love it and him. I was diagnosed in 2006 and while never complete remission-maintain and .1 or.2--take all the drugs, still on dex and now rev. Hate them, but what are the other options. My dr. is not very concerned about any of my concerns, so not a pleasand relationship. I cannot figure out how to share your blogs there is no way to forward link? God bless you Nick, you'll beat this. I am much older 65, but always felt I was forty until this struck. Awful desease. tami

  • Marie Banham said:

    Dear Nick, I'm a 65 year-old woman diagnosed January 12, 2002 and cannot thank you enough for your tremendous effort in writing "How I Spent My Summer Vacation." I've been reading constantly on the subject of transplants and your article made the most sense and was written with the most clarity of anything I've read. This should be published and made known to the myeloma community who desperately need your insights and clear thinking. I might not be a candidate for anything UAMS or Dr. Bart Barlogie can offer, but after reading about you, I'm going to give it a shot. Certainly don't have anything to lose. Sincerely and gratefully, Marie Banham (mariebanham@hotmail.com)

  • Bernie Ryan said:

    Nick, Enjoyed you blog. I am also a long term myeloma survivor - diagnozed in 1999 at the age of 47. I would not call my current status remission... but still the treatment of this chronic disease allows me to work full time, enjoy a swim at the beach, golf, hike, travel. I am looking at retiring in a year and am working thru questions of life expectancy and what I really need to cover both living expenses and medical care and insurance. I have survived 12 years with MM and given my current health believe I have an additional 10 to 15 years to look forward to. Smoldering, non secreting MM is how they describe my disease. (I stopped generating MM protien markers that we had followed for the past 10 years despite the fact that PET scans show some active disease). Good luck

  • Hank said:

    Do anyone have any info regarding shingles vaccine for MM patients? The vaccine "Zostavax" is a live virus.

  • Alma said:

    My dad is taking Revlimid and dex.Only uone week into treatment..this am he complained of hallucination( visual).Has anyone heard of this?

  • Steve said:

    After my 2 year ASCT evaluation May 2012 which went great, I had the shingles vaccination. Just like getting a flu shot!

  • Steve said:

    When i first started Revlimid i had hallucinations, very dizzy, and forgetful. Looking up and down, and sideways is also a real mind blower! I still have these symptoms after a year and half.

  • steve c said:


    Yes absolutely, during my first months I was a bot over medicated and not only saw superman but turkeys in my room. Since (diagnosed 10/09 - stem cell 3/10 - RVD since) have had doctors reduce dosage but still i lose a nights sleep and am extremely agitated for the two.