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Rising M protein

by Christina1952 on Fri Dec 14, 2012 1:43 pm

I was wondering what anyone's take on my situation.....I went off rev/dex in September , m-protein was .1 ,so close to non detectable then October it was .17, November .27 , now in December it jumped to .4
I'm not over reacting,like I usually do, but obviously I have a rising trend.
My question is, I don't see my onc till January. Should I call and see him sooner or just live with it for a month and i would expect it'll go up more. I would want to start back on rev/ dex then.
My other blood work looks good. Creatine was a little high for me at. 1.2, usually I'm 1 or less.
I've been a maybe a little more tired but nothing major.....
Any thoughts to help alleviate my anxiety???

It'd be nice just to go thru Christmas and then start in January. I would suspect , that's what my hem/ onc would say anyway, but I'm always nervous about bone involvement and well everything.
Thanks for any input.


Re: Rising M protein

by Lys2012 on Sun Dec 16, 2012 6:08 pm

Hi are you in the US or Canada? Just trying to figure out the numbers. You M-spik seems pretty low to me. My dr. said she would not start me on treatment for anything under 1 (10 in Canada where I live) so I think you should be ok to wait until January. But my multiple myeloma is the kind that can get to a really high number, so might just be the reference# for me (I know it has to do with 90% reduction of the M spike from diagnosis) Sorry, hope I not confusing more then helping.. lol


Re: Rising M protein

by Christina1952 on Sun Dec 16, 2012 6:30 pm

Thanks, I'm in California, and it is low relatively speaking, but when I've been in CR with no m spike, it's hard to take the rising number. It's just part of the myeloma drama. But, I think I'm just an anxious person and tend to obsess about things. I tend to get bone involvement so, I get concerned even with low numbers. But I'm on zometa and hopefully that is taking care of that.


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