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The Myeloma Quiz – January 2015

A new year is upon us.  I hope it has started well for everybody, and that all had a great holiday season!

The last few weeks of 2014 were a happening time for the multiple myeloma community. The short span of time witnessed the publication of updated criteria for the diagnosis of multiple myeloma from the Inter­na­tional Myeloma Working Group (IMWG). In addition, the 56th annual meeting of the American Society of Hematology (ASH) took place in San Francisco, with literally hundreds of myeloma-related oral and poster pre­sen­ta­tions.

Therefore, it is again time to take a little quiz to test one’s grasp of the new developments. So here goes. …

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Myeloma, Party Of Two: The Time To Be Happy Is Now

The winds of change are blowing, as they do for all of us – myeloma patients, caregivers, and healthy people alike – and so I answer with the activities of normalcy. Lately that means putting away the holiday décor.

There’s something comforting to me about putting everything back in its place, for as much as I love gazing upon my Christmas villages or the white porcelain ornaments on the tree, I always welcome a return to un­cluttered counters and furniture in its rightful place.

Much to my surprise, however, I …

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Myeloma Mom: Keeping My Blood To Myself

I realized something weird the other day: I really miss donating blood.

Of all of the things multiple myeloma has taken from me, I’d never really con­sid­ered this one: I can’t be a blood donor ever again.

And that kind of stinks.

I take Revlimid (lenalidomide), which means – understandably – that I’m for­bid­den from sharing my blood with others. My blood is poisonous and dangerous and nobody wants it.

If you’ve ever taken Revlimid, you’ve taken the monthly phone survey that’s required before you can get your …

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Mohr’s Myeloma Musings: Using Common Sense After A Stem Cell Transplant

In many of my previous columns, I have stipulated that I am very fortunate with what I have experienced so far with multiple myeloma.

My condition is far less serious than that of most of the other Beacon columnists and probably the vast majority of my readers. Every form of treatment I have re­ceived so far – radiation, induction therapy, and autol­o­gous stem cell trans­plan­ta­tion – has been suc­cess­ful. Modern medicine had done its part for me.

Unfortunately, I have come to the conclusion that I have not done my …

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Arnie's Rebounding World: The Final Chapter

This is a special edition of "Arnie's Rebounding World." Many Beacon readers know that Arnie Goodman, who authored this column for more than three years, passed away last July. This edition of the column is written by Arnie's wife Merle, who has generously offered to share with the Beacon community the "Final Chapter" of Arnie's story.

I told Arnie that, when he died, I would write his final column.

It has taken me longer than I expected, however, as it was not as easy as I thought it would be. …

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Northern Lights: Traveling While Receiving Treatment For Multiple Myeloma

My husband Dilip and I have always enjoyed traveling. We like to see new places, and since we both have family members who live in different provinces and different countries, travel has allowed us to see many places.

This routine changed suddenly when I was diagnosed with myeloma in the summer of 2009. We did not travel at all while I was undergoing in­duc­tion therapy and the stem cell transplant.

We slowly resumed our travel routine once I started low-dose therapy with Revlimid (lenalidomide) in 2010. Once I …

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